Terms and Condtions



VVS Valet is a mobile service at your workplace or doorstep. We require a safe place to plug our extension lead in to gain power. Due to insurance purposes, as well as staff and vehicle safety VVS Valet will NOT commence work on any vehicle that is on the main road, heavily used road, or small and tight road. We also cannot work in pay and display car parks.

If your home address or the location you wish for the work to be carried out in has any of the above issues, please contact us first.  We always have a backup plan and are willing to help.

If your interior is heavily soiled with mud, pet hair, mould, vomit or blood, additional charges WILL apply. We advise if you have any of the above to send a few select pictures before booking so that we can provide a fair estimate. If not, the price will be negotiated upon the day, before any work commences.

All secure bookings are deposit-based, and bookings are not confirmed until a deposit has been paid. Deposits are paid direct to VVS Valet via bank transfer. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposit amounts differ due to location, package, and/or work needed.

Within 48 hours of booking, VVS Valet will gladly alter your booking to another nominated person, providing the address or location meets all other terms and conditions.

VVS Valet can not control acts of traffic, acts of God or acts of others. If VVS Valet has to cancel or rearrange your booking due to an unfortunate incident, it will be within 14 days of the original booking. If not, a full refund of deposit will be honoured.

Upon every booking you will be asked to read these terms and conditions, with doing so you agree to our terms of business. Any bookings that are made but then affected by any of the above may result in full booking charges being payable. An invoice will be sent to the address and email given which you will of supplied upon booking. Failure to pay will result in legal action being taken. A missed booking is a missed wage, we will not fall victim to a loss in time or pay under any circumstances.


Maintenance Scheme

VVS Valet will only honour maintenance booked monthly. Anything over a month isn’t maintenance to us.

If you have had a busy month and been off roading, hiking, had a child be sick or an extremely unfortune accident in your car, its not a problem!

Just please contact us and let us know the issue before our agreed meet. As more time on your car we didn’t expect can cause us to be late for our next client, become unreliable and diminish the good and honest name we have built as a business.




 Fantastic service. Unbelievable transformation of the inside of our car. Everything looks brand new and was cleaned to the highest standard.



Can highly recommend VVSValet. Recently had the Full Works service with Hydrophobic and Gloss boast coatings. Afterwards my car looked like it had come out of a showroom and still looking good 4 weeks later.