Single Stage  Machine Polish

A single stage machine polish given to return gloss and depth to your vehicle's paintwork.

Aims to remove 70-90% of paint swirling, light surface scratches and defects, leaving your paintwork looking glossier, sharper and deeper.

After polishing, we will then apply a 12 month Ceramic Coating to lock in our results, protect your paintwork and boosting that gloss even further! 

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating include:

  • UV and Chemical protection
  • Resistance to light scratches, swirling and wash marring
  • Gloss enhancement

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Car Valet in Stevenage




  • Wheel faces + barrels safely cleaned
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Snow foam pre wash + intricate areas cleaned
  • Safe, two bucket contact wash
  • Tar deposits and Iron Fallout removed from bodywork and wheels
  • Remaining surface contaminants removed with a claybar


  • Single stage machine polish to remove light defects and return gloss to paintwork 
  • Entry level Ceramic Coating applied to all paintwork (12 months)
  • Windows cleaned
  • Tyres dressed

Optional Extras: 

  • 3 year ceramic coating upgrade available on request
  • 6-12 month glass coating: £50
  • Wheel face ceramic coating: £100

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Prices Start At

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*Mobile service subject to terms and conditions.




Maintaining your Ceramic Coating

To ensure your Ceramic Coating is maintained correctly, we recommend setting up with regular maintenance cleans. This will give your coating the best chance of lasting the specified duration.

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Car is absolutely amazing, interior looks brand new!! Even managed to get slime off seat that’s been there for 2 years!! So, so happy.