Paintwork Contaminants ??

What are they and why am I always waffling on about them?

Over time, contaminants and pollutants embed themselves into the paintwork on your vehicle. Road tar, brake dust and grit are some of the many contaminants that your vehicle will face on a day to day basis.

If left embedded for long periods of time, these contaminants will damage the clear coat of your paint and cause corrosion and rust.

Regular decontamination not only prolongs the life of your paintwork, it leaves it feeling smoother and looking glossier, as the contaminants are not dulling the reflection!

This vital step also allows exterior coatings to properly bond and therefore last much longer!

Decontamination is included in our Full Works package and is completed regularly for all maintenance clients, at no added cost.

Our VVS Protection Package includes a proper exterior clean and decontamination, before applying 12 month coatings to your paintwork and glass, protecting them and slowing down the buildup of contamination in the future.
A perfect start to a new vehicle's life, or to prolong the life of your currently owned pride and joy!

Look after your investment.
With someone who cares for your car as much as you do.
Do it the VVS way ??